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Xenos Specialist Detachments – Rules Preview

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Hello again !!

New reveal by GW

-Cost 1 CP
-Add keyword to certain compatible units
-Grant new stratagem, relic, Warlord Trait.

ex :

So pay 1 cp and gain Anointed Throng on Abominants and Aberrants

-Grant a very good warlord trait : +1 charge roll to him and Anointed Throng units within 6" (ambush charge on a 8 !)
-One relic : Beffy sledgehammer with -4ap, no malus to hit, and min dmg of 3 (on 1d6)
-2 stratagems :


One other gratting reroll 1 on wound roll for Aberrant in a certain range. Nothing incredible but when you are wielding a sledgehammer it's good to reroll those pesky fumble !!

On specialist Detachement is nothing more nothing less.
Not too heavy on the extra rules and nothing Crazy.
I am not sure but i do hope we can get some Stratagem cards for these.

Rest of the spoiler go there :