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Faction Focus: Adepta Sororitas

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Hello there !!

First preview of the SOB Beta codex in the CA 2018

Very classic power for SOB. They are still present in V8 even if i imagined that stratagem would have been enough.
You get extra points fer 10 models with the rules.
You pay first then you roll :

For exemple this one (is the hardest to cast) you need to roll 5+ on 1D6, there are 3 way to get a +1 to the roll.

Chapter tactics but for Sista (6 options)

The one granting +1 to AOF is great.

They have a few super strong stratagem. !!!

This one with the AOF granting a second pile in 6" feel kind of strong !!

Engine are Back !! ho Yea !!

Full article here :

Review saturday !