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Questor Traitoris

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Hello again !!

Chaos knight rules are included in the CA 2018, only 6 pages with 2 full pages image. So there is more of an index thant a mini codex :)

3 knights Chassis

No knight Preceptor :/ but Armiger and Dominus are added !

The Renegade knight

-Normal knight but chaos aligned .
-Can equip dual ranged weapon get access to carapace weapon also.
-Gain 1 attack and +1 WS if you equip 2 melee weapon. (Cool idea !)

Cool stuff !

The Renegade knight Dominus

Take the 2 dominus version into a single one, but sadly you can't mix the weapons.
So it's the Harpon and Conflagration canon or Plasma and Volcano lance.

Renegade Armiger

Very cool addition to the Chaos lineup ! You'll get acces to both version of the Armiger. Sadly like with the dominus you can't mix the weapons so it's : thermal spear + reaper chain sword or Dual auto canon.

Points Unless i am mistaken are aligned with the Imperial one.

Detachement Rules

All fit on 1 page, there is one detachment, one trait, one relic, 2 stratagems.
Bare minium but at least it's not nothing ^^

Lance detachment

Warlord trait



That's it for the Traitorus knight !


Dinner time here and i'll try to do Matched play mission and Vigilus fluff after !