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Breaking News! New Models, New Expansions and Exclusive Reveals!

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Generalist post on the Open day for extra info and smaller games.

With the new edition of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game a smash hit, fans have been hungry for some news on the latest expansions – and we’ve got some cracking reveals. Firstly, we’ve just had our first proper look at Gondor at War. This massive supplement is designed to let you recreate some of the most iconic battles from the films, as well as offering new Heroes and rewarding players who field thematic armies.

Gondor at War will be released alongside The Three Hunters – a new kit that realises some of Middle-earth’s most iconic Heroes in stunning detail (and in plastic to boot!), depicted as they leap to Gondor’s aid from the docks of Harlond:

There’s also a new General’s Accessories Pack on the way – a set of gaming essentials that make battling in Middle-earth simpler than ever:

For Adeptus Titanicus, we’ve been able to get a closer look at the new Reaver Titan, as well as the game’s first-ever supplement – Titandeath:

Titandeath kicks off a series of expansions for Adeptus Titanicus, letting you master new tactics and bring your battles to some of the most fiercely fought war zones of the Horus Heresy. In Titandeath, you’ll get to explore the conflict over Beta-Garmon, with rich lore, maps and more. New maniples and Titan Legion rules, meanwhile, let you personalise your army even more.

Not content with causing carnage in the Mortal Realms, diminutive greenskins are also a common sight on the gridiron – commonly making up for their lack of physical prowess, by breaking all the rules and buddying up with a local Troll or two.

Lastly, Nurgle teams are getting a model for their Big Guy – the foetid Rotspawn:

Stay tuned later today for more reveals from Warhammer World!