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Kill Team: Starn’s Disciples

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Hello everyone !!

New kill team with for cult with the starn"s Disciples.
Really like the backstory of this one.

Ghyrson Starn is a hero of the xenos-tainted cultists who infest the war-torn world of Vigilus, a symbol of resistance against the tyrannical Imperium. He leads the kill team known as Starn’s Disciples, each of whom would gladly sacrifice their life for the gunslinging hero they idolise. This band of insurgents has murdered planetary governors, sabotaged Imperial monuments and stolen munitions and weapons from Astra Militarum outposts, building their infamous legend with each fresh outrage.

Also new species for Genecult army in 40k : Kelermorph !

Info: The Kill team Arena review is going next week, stuff still on transit in the warp office :(