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Kill Team Arena Review

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hello everyone !!
In less than 3 days you'll be able to get Arena for kill Team. It's a new expansion focused on competitive gaming. We'll review this in 3 parts:
the content of the box, the philosophy of the product and lastly, rules. Without further ado let's start :

Content of the box :

The box cost 55£ and include :
-1 rulebook(soft)
- 2 x 22x30” double-sided, folding card gameboards that are used for the missions in this game. So that make 4 maps.
-2 sprues of scenery containing each: 5 doors, 4 barrels, 10 crates, 1 pipe, and 1 cylindrical container.
-2 deck of objectives cards
-12 missions cards (cards version of missions in the Arena rulebook, very handy)
-Tactics cards for 2v2 missions (what more tactics ? Rly?)

Honestly, even if the sceneries sprues are of great quality it's quite expensive for what inside. Yes, there are 2 boards and they are dual faced still it's steep. On the plus side, you need 1 box for 2 players so if you are a club or a group of players you can save some money here. In 2vs2 you need 2 box :/

Nothing bad to say on the stuff inside, it's GW quality, everything is top notch.

Philosophy Of Kill Team Arena

The design intent is competitive gaming ! The set of rules force moving up the field, holding points, assaulting position and so on...It's obvious that kill team focused on only long range shooting or with a very low count of models (while stronger) are going to suffer in this game mode.

Furthermore, the map offers a lot of LOS blocking elements. It's quite easy to move covers from cover and stay out of sight. At best you will be getting obscured target. So all the teams specials abilities that improve obscuring or remove obscuring from target get a lot of values in this Arena (i think)

One other interesting part is the symmetry of all the missions. All maps are 100% symmetric and have the same covers in the same positions. So it's 100% fair games.

The Objectives are multiple in each game and include all component of the game like: ranged and melee take out, holding point, moving fast's really interesting to see the attention they accorded to these and made sure to force interaction between the two players. Lastly, each mission has an optional special objective that can be chosen.

Game duration: all games of Arena last 4 turns! nothing's quite fast if you think about it, each model is going to move 4 times max! I like it a lot as it going to make each decision really important

To sum it up, Arena games are: short, filled with objectives, force you to interact with the other team and require you to have a diverse kill team. At least that is the intent we will see what the meta look like in a few months.


The good news is no tactics inflation for this game mode (in 1vs1) yea they added nearly nothing (it's not like we needed more ^^). Still, there are a few added rules and some specifics in the missions and boards.

General rules

The new stuffs : are walls, doors, tactic.

You can't ignore wall with any rules. Meaning you can't fly over walls, you can't shoot through wall or melee. Walls also grant obscuring if you can't see 100% of the model

Cost your movement to open or close, they slide into the wall and you can take MW if you prevent the closing with your base. They can't be attacked

There is a new overwatch tactic that allows to shoot during the charge. The intent is to allow the shooting player to wait for the charger to be in LOS before shooting. (1CP)


There are 4 types of board to play on, each one of them has a table like this one :


In the Arena box, you get 2 decks of 12 objectives and you choose 3 before the start of the game (secretly). Each one grant 1 VP but one of them "Cut of the head" grant 5 VP minus the turn you are in..


Each mission is about holding or capturing zone (or spot), no mission last more than 4 rounds and you can't gain more than 9 points of missions VP.
Meaning that 12 is max (unless cut of the head)

Battle Brothers missions

Arena includes 4 missions to play in 2vs2 !! and that is awesome. You use 2 boards and an extra set of tactics made for this mode (yay more tactics :/)
ps: you need 2 box to play 2v2

(I'd love to play in a double kill Team tournament)


While I regret that there is no rules on how using the other terrain set or boards in a competitive setting it's a good box.
Very welcome addition to kill team, the intent really reminds me of Shadespire and i am eager to play it more !!


Cult review coming this week end (hopefully )