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Shadowspear on pre order next week !

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Hello everyone !!

Pre order next week for Shadowspear !!!

Shadowspear is a battlebox that pits the malefic Daemonkin against the covert forces of the Vanguard Space Marines. This could be our best battlebox ever, containing two armies of gorgeous models with all-new sculpts, two mini-codexes, as well as lore and missions that kick off the next stage of the war for the Vigilus System. This set is incredible whether you’re looking to expand an existing army or start a brand new one. Have a look at all the incredible models you’ll find inside!

The Daemon Kin

In Shadowspear, the Heretic Astartes are resplendent with baroque and sinister detail. Classics like the Chaos Space Marines and Obliterators have been updated, while new units like the Venomcrawler and Greater Possessed push Chaos designs in bold new directions. These will fit in with collections old and new, combining classic aesthetics and fresh design to create some truly stunning miniatures.

Vanguard Space Marines

The Vanguard Space Marines are as visually striking as the rest of their Primaris brethren, combining the monastic, warrior-monk feel that’s core to the Space Marines with a high-tech, militaristic aesthetic. These guys offer a new take on the Adeptus Astartes, looking at how their ages-old doctrines of rapid assault can be used by a guerilla force. Each miniature is covered in webbing, wargear and other details that speak to their distinct methods of war.


-2 mini codex
-Capaign Booklet


Amazing stuff. I really like the new Primaris, the design is a lot less Baroque and lot more "Modern". On the Other hand the CSM went full Baroque style for a eighty look.

Hype !


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