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Battletome Preview – Blades of Khorne: Big Changes

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Hello again !!

Khorne Battletome preview :

Blood Tithe

New cost and new powers :

At first i misread the power as work only once but it's for the the rest of the whole battle ! oO wow

Locus of Fury

Improved allegiance abilities for specific keywords


Slaughterhosts are Khornate sub-factions representing the most legendary armies sworn to the Blood God’s name. When building your army, you’ll have the option of adding a Slaughterhost keyword to every model in your force, rewarding you with an ability, command ability, command trait and artefact of power.


Total Carnage rework!

Mighty Skullcrushers

Updated Murderous Charge, yea they crush now !


Spiking 6 will destroy target.

On the other hand the command abilities is kind of meh :/

Review this week end