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Forge world pre order : Cawdor Bomb Delivery Rats

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Hello Everyone !!!

Today on pre order at FW you can get the Rat Bomber for cawdor gangs in Necromunda.

Description : Training the rats that teem beneath the underhive to perform tricks to entertain the downtrodden masses is a common pastime among the helots of House Cawdor, and the art has long been put to good use by Cawdor gang members to deliver grenades with precision.

Having problems with enemies skulking in cover? Fear not – the solution is at hand in the form of the Cawdor Bomb Delivery Rats!

The Cawdor Bomb Delivery Rats set contains five miniatures, comprising 11 components cast in high-quality resin and five 25mm round bases. Their rules can be found in Gangs of the Underhive.

price : 12£

The Cute release !