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The Siege of Terra Begins

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Hello everyone !!

The beggining of the end :D

Tomorrow, thirteen years of the Horus Heresy series will meet their culmination in The Solar War – the first in an 8-volume megaseries that’ll bring the story to its epic climax. We’re letting you know about this one early, as it’s expected to sell out incredibly fast.

The Solar War, by John French, details the first stage of this epoch-defining battle as fleets clash in the void of the Sol System. Horus’ armada is huge, his treacherous forces bolstered by the powers of the warp – but Rogal Dorn has had close to a decade to prepare the Throneworld’s defences. The various spheres of defiance within the system hold more than a few surprises for the invaders – and the Imperial Fists themselves relish the chance to finally get to grips with their erstwhile brothers.

This limited edition is more than just your first chance to read this incredible story. It’s an opportunity to add a stunning artefact to your bookshelves. From the exterior design, which will be echoed across future limited editions in the series, to the extravagant interior artwork – including character portraits, black-and-white illustrations and full-colour studies of a number of primarchs – the book is a true collector’s item. It also includes a detailed afterword by author John French talking about the process of writing the book, and the series, in unparalleled detail.

So Limited edition on pre order tomorow. only 2500 piece.

If you don't get the limited ed you'll have to wait the regular one (?)


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