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Adeptus Titanicus: Knight Households in Doom of Molech

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little overview on how to take Knights with Doom of Molech:

- In most battles, Household Support Banners are support units for your Titan Battlegroup - these can have mixed wargear if you wish so.

- If you decide to take a Household Force instead, you will have to group your Knights together into formations called "Lance". Each Household Force must have atleast one lance.
- A Lance consists of exactly three banners. Unlike their titan support siblings, a banner here must be all armed the same way (so for example, 3-6 Questoris Knight Paladins per Banner). That said, banners within a lance can be armed differently (so for example, 1 Paladin Banner, 1 Crusader Banner and 1 Gallant banner).
- They operate similiar to squadrons of Titans. All Knights within a lance are a single unit for deployement and activition.
- Atleast two Banners within the Lance must be of the same type (Questoris, Cerastus or Acastus).
- They have 3" Banner coherency, and 6" Lance coherency.
- One Banner within the lance is the High Scion's Banner, giving you additional Stratagem points.
- One Banner within your force contains your Seneshal - for that banner, you can mix weapons but if you do so, you can't use their new order.
- New Order? Yep, Coordinated Strike. Allows you to buff the strength of your weapon, so basically Knight Wardens are now worth something!

- You can also add Freeblade Banners to your army - they can't be formed into lances or use their special order, but you can mix weapons.

Oh, and last but not least - a picture of my recently finished Legio Mortis, Legio Solaria and House Vyronii tinies!

Lady Atia