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Slaanesh: The New Warscrolls!

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Hello everyone !!

Updated Warscrolls for Slaanesh Daemons !

Keeper of Secrets

With an awesome new model, it was only fitting the Keeper of Secrets should get some awesome new rules to match!

The new Keeper of Secrets is an unspeakably deadly combatant that’s more than a match for any monster in the game, capable of slicing them apart from a hail of deadly attacks and sinister abilities. Dark Temptations, for instance, can be used to lure your enemy into making a deadly bargain that could well slay their favourite Hero.

Shalaxi Helbane

Shalaxi Helbane is very similar to the Keeper of Secrets, with some deadly additional kit that makes them great against enemy Heroes. Irresistible Challenge, for instance, forces enemy Heroes to choose between charging Shalaxi or suffering mortal wounds.

Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance

Syll’Esske is an excellent “toolbox” unit, offering a number of benefits to a Slaanesh army and slotting neatly into a variety of army builds.

While pretty excellent in melee, Syll’Esske is most useful for its incredible unique spell, Subvert, which can shut down enemy command abilities, potentially devastating their strategy.

Meanwhile, the Regal Authority command ability can be used to bolster your offensive abilities or shield units from Battleshock, making it a great combination with hordes of Daemonettes.

The Contorted Epitome

The Contorted Epitome is the magical lynchpin of the Slaanesh army. With one on your side, you’ll be able to dominate the hero phase and shut down enemy sorcerers and endless spells with ease, thanks to its ability to re-roll failed casting, unbinding and dispelling rolls.

Attempting to destroy the Contorted Epitome with mortal wounds is all but impossible thanks to its excellent Swallow Energy ability…

Really eager to review this one !!!