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Custodes in Kill team !! & Sly marbo

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Hello again everyone !!!

The 2 mains attractions of elite are for me : Custodes and SLy marbo :

Adeptus Custodes

The one you’ve been waiting for – the auric demigods that are the Adeptus Custodes are ready to enter Kill Team! First up, their kill teams will all benefit from an improved invulnerable save.

They also have a set of six Tactics that you can make use of. For example, if your opponent reckons they can get around your universal 2+ Save characteristics and enhanced invulnerable saves with psychic powers, you can teach them that the Adeptus Custodes are not so easily undone…

You’ll have the choice of two fighters in the form of the Custodian Guard and Allarus Custodian datasheets, the profiles for which will rival all but the most powerful enemy Commanders! For their own Commander, the Adeptus Custodes can call upon a Shield-Captain, who is powerful enough to defeat any adversary with contemptuous ease. Even when wounded almost unto death, the lions of the Emperor are all but unstoppable.

Sly Marbo

Not a lot of info teased but : ws 2+ and a Tactics that deal 1d3 mortal if you hit.

Check the source for looking at the other factions bonus :