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Warhammer 40000 Warhammer Fest thread

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer Fest for Warhammer 40K (40000) seminar is done and here the news :

-New Primaris Space Marines main battle tank : The Repulsor Executioner. It was expected, if Primaris marines are supposed to replace small Marines, you better grow the line up if you don't want to loose too much money. And i am sure that Games Workshop Like gainning money ^^ (So expect more Primaris release for the next Codex)

-Mechanicus is gaining 1 tank and 1 transport for warhammer 40 000. Very good, i am not a big fan of the MBT version but the Transport could have been in a Steam punk Normandy D-day ^^ Not sure that the model fit into the Mechanicus line.

The Repulsor Executioner

The Repulsor Executioner is a massive front-line battle tank that marries maneuverability, flexibility and some of the heaviest firepower in the 41st Millennium. Capable of shredding infantry and armour alike with contemptuous ease, if you’re looking to scrap your opponents’ heaviest units, this is the vehicle for you!

Executioner has a modest transport capacity, allowing you to disgorge a squad of Primaris Space Marines to finish off anyone with the audacity to stay standing.

So Primaris Marines Razorback !
Now i wonder what is going to be the Predator and the Raider of the Primaris marines ^^

The Skorpius Dunerider

Mechanicus Tank / Transport kit.

This one is cool !

Skorpius Disintegrator

Meh ...

Chaos Knight

The Imperial Knight is an immediately iconic design, and it can’t be improved upon – but you can add spikes.

This kit is all-new, and packed with grisly details that make it instantly recognisable as a dark mirror of its loyalist kin – all while maintaining great posability and plenty of options for customisation. You’ll be able to build either a brutal Knight Rampager or the dominating Knight Despoiler, with a range of armour plates, faces, spikes and horns for making your Chaos Knight your own.

Accompanying the new Chaos Knight will be a fully fledged codex that lets you unleash the true might of the Questor Traitoris on the battlefield. All the Knight patterns from Index: Renegade Knights will still be usable, only now you’ll be able to combine them with Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics and, of course, Knight Rampagers and Knight Despoilers. New lore, meanwhile, will allow you to explore the shadowy history of the Chaos Knights – as much veterans of the Long War as their Heretic Astartes kin, with thousands of years of history behind them that sheds a new light on the dark powers of Chaos.

New Warhammer 40 000 Chaos Knight kit is awesome, one of my favorite ever !! I really want paint one at least !! I wonder what options are going to be in the Codex. Games Workshop is really making it hard on the wallet.

Sisters of Battle

The most anticipated / Asked army ever is coming back to Warhammer 40 000. The sisters of Battle !!
I don't know when Game workshop is going to release this army but i want this one !!!

You’ll be able to get this model for yourself in a special advance release ahead of the rest of the Sisters of Battle. Stay tuned for news on how you can get yours…


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