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Forge World : Specialist Games Warhammer Fest thread

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Hello everyone !!

The 3 big news are from Forge World are :

-Necromunda : Palatine Enforcer (Not arbiter but works do police work for the Halmwar House)

-Aeronautica Imperialis : Could be a stand alone game, or Titanicus expension or Both

-Blood Bowl : First woold elfs player (3d render)

Also :


More info on the Halfing release spread, Really happy that Forge World added some positionnal to the Halfling team. I totally agree they are supposed to be the most challenging team to play but it's good to have some profile variation. Good job Forge World !

Willow Rosebark

Could also work as a Dryad hero or leader in a Sylvaneth army (for Age of sigmar game)


Even if i Bad mouthed recent models made by Forge World, some of the Necromunda miniature presented here are awesome.

ps : Necromunda video title is Helmawr 's justice (the ruling family of Necromunda world)


Titanicus game is growing on me these days, i really need to convince a few friends to start playing !!.
To bad this game is so expensive i would have loved that Games Workshop helped reduce the price a bit more at least for starter pack. Right now the entry price is high.

Super Hyped by Titanicus release. but can't wait for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seminar !

I really like that Games Workshop is allowing Forge World to support a full line for Titanicus. The game grow deeper by the day. Now i just hope we will get warhammer 40 000 units to integrate into the Titanicus Game.