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Warhammer 40000 : sister of battle sprues and painted model & Giant Space marines Primaris by bandai

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Hello there

Some pics of the sister of battle sprues and Painted model have surfaced. The quality and design are awesome and i hope all the line will be the same.
The most anticipated / requested army in the warhammer 40000 universe would be so awesome with this level of details ! After these decades of waiting i hope Games Workshop is going to blow us away !

A new plastic ? or Resin ? Seraphin and on a fly stand !

Bandai giant Primaris Marine
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Bandai quality is well know if you are into Gundam (gunpla). I don't know if this Primaris marine is the final product because he's a damn GIANT !!!! .

Is there a non helmet version on the left ? (i am not sure)

If this Primaris Marines (warhammer 40000) sell well. Maybe Bandai and Games Workshop partnership could bring us more. A bandai Sister of battle for the Army release !!! (:O)