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Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Forbidden Power: Unboxed !

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Hello everyone !!

This weekend the new Age of Sigmar expansion by Games Workshop is on pre-order.
As usual Warhammer TV team tease some stuff :

Introduction : Content of the Box :

-One Penumbral Engine sprue,( scenery available for each army).
-3 Endless spells sprues
-Warscroll cards with rules for everything in the box + plus the new Dominion of Sigmar scenery…
-Tokens for endless spells
-Core rules
-Forbidden power book

Forbidden Power – The Book

For me, the most anticipated part of this book is the storyline progression and i hope for some great reveal :

TECLIS Lord of illumination is announced as a dramatis personae !!! in the Summary. As well as the "Great Maker", Sigmar, and Nagash.

Teclis is back !!!! Awesome !! I am not sure what does it mean for the identity of the prisoner in the vault that was spoiled with this illustration :

Maybe the prisoner is connected to the Elves of Light, maybe it's related to Slaanesh ? but it wouldn't make sense with the Nagash Ally tease we got the other day.

If you are more concerned with the rules inside the book, be at ease :
-New campaign system to lvl up characters
-New realm of battles rules (Stygxx)
-2 new combined forces : Lethisian Defenders for the Order with :
*Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin, Kharadron Overlords, Fyreslayers.
*Legion of Grief – a new Legion of Nagash led by Lady Olynder herself who allow you to combine the terrifying might of the
Nighthaunt’s full roster with Bravery-manipulating game mechanics, gravesites and more
-Flesh Eater Courts and Fyreslayers mercenaries

Hyped by the Legion of Grief !!!! I really hope Games Workshop bring some cool new mechanisms to Age of Sigmar.


This Age of Sigmar expansion look interesting. I am still a bit bummed that the new chapter don't have a new army (or a new chamber ^^).
But if Forbidden Power is Age of Sigmar 2.5 i guess Elves of light vs Something in prison could be the future release.

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ps : Will do a review if UPS stop failing ^^