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Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power Lore

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Hello everyone !!!

Great new article by Warhammer Tv team about the lore in the next age of Sigmar extension: Forbidden Power.

Lore Summary

-Stormvaults are "phat loot" chests with Relics and Items/power/spells too dangerous for the Mortal Realms. (So the Nagash Prisoner is inside ?)
-Aelven god Teclis built during the age of Myth: Enlightenment Engines to share is knowledge of ....well everything.
-Sneaky Sigmar decided to invert the Teclis creation to hide Stormvault.
-Smith God Grungni helped (Teclis rival) and transformed Enlightenment Engines into Penumbral Engines to Obscure and conceal

-Necroquake Happen and shake things up, lot of Sigmar Stormvault are discovered and everyone is rushing to loot. Karadron want to plunder vaults and Idoneth want to repair Penumbral Engine to hide entire armies!

-A great Ancient evil is trapped under the shore of Lake Lethis !!

Honestly, I am really curious to read who is under the Lake as it will probably mean a new army or sub-faction to the Death Grand Alliance.
Still hoping for a big surprise here and why not Age of Sigmar Tomb king ^^

Go read the full article here: Forbbiden power lore

Endless Spells

The descriptions of the new endless spells for Age of Sigmar in the video is interesting knowing they are available to every army!

-Teleport spell for a cost (soul)
-Bravery debuff
-Move blocker