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Adeptus Titanicus command terminals download (forgeworld)

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Hello everyone !!

If you are playing Adeptus Titanicus and Like the Doom of Molech, i am sure you want to try new Titanicus tactics ! One that involve spamming those cute Knights ! Only problem is that Titanicus Commands Terminals are needed by the dozens ^^

Rejoice Princepts (Or scions in this case) Forgeworld heard you ! You can now Download Command Terminals for Knight lances ( both Cerastus and Questoris Banners) and for each Titan class size in the game(Warlords, Reavers, Warhounds) available on Forgeworld online shop :

The Command Terminal file is in PDF format and each Terminal have been downsized to "supplement and not replace" ;)

But check yourself here : Forgeworld Titanicus command Terminal Download

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