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Atia paints - Adeptus Titanicus Civitas District War Zone Gamma

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just want to share my recently finished Adeptus Titanicus Tile, aswell as a write-up of paints and stuff used - hope you like!

Lupercalia - Civitas District War Zone Gamma
During the Doom of Molech

It is a great coincidence of the Warmaster's invasion that the ultimate prize he sought bore his name. This was the doing of the Emperor, who was also the reason the city existed at all. A site of hidden eldritch power, Lupercalia had begun life as an unwitting garrison set in place by the Emperor to protect his dangerous secret. One of the first structures to stand on the site was the Dawn Citadel, a towering edifice constructed from the hull of the Emperor's ancient starship, placed at the apex of the mountain valley in whish the capital sat. In time, the Dawn Citadel became the ancestral home of Molech's ruling Questoris Familia - House Devine, though not even its lords suspected the great important of the palace that they now ruled.

By the time of Horus' invasion, Lupercalia was among Molech's largest cities, a centre for the ruling elite and a meeting place for the planet's many peoples and cultures. This sector of the city is dominated by a partially destroyed factorum, still defended by strategically sited emplacements. Next to the factorum are storage bunkers, while the shattered remains of an Imperial Knight Warden of House Devine and a downed Xyphon Interceptor of the Ultramarines Legion should just be the first victims of the battle to follow ....

The whole board was washed and than primed with Black Primer spraycan. Where possible, I mostly used my airbrush!

- Air Mechanicus Standard Grey
- Air Dawnstone
- Air Administratum Grey
- Air Ushabti Bone
- Shade Seraphim Sepia
- Shade Fuegan Orange (not everywhere, just use it to make the board more visually interesting)
- FW Weathering Powders: Dark Sand, Dark Earth, Aged Rust, Black Soot

- Mechanicus Standard Grey
- Thinned Nuln Oil
- Play a bit with weathering powders :)
- Play a bit with A-Mig 1401 Light Duster, you can use White Spirit to make dust streaks etc

Copper Roofs:
- Sycorax Bronze
- Seraphim Sepia
- I tried some Chromdioxyde effect, and also used some Vallejo Vertidgris for ... well, the vertigris ^.^

Red parts:
- Vallejo Gunmetal
- Vallejo Aged Rust
- Varnish
- Sponge some Vallejo Liquid Mask on top
- Air Khorne Red
- Air Mephiston Red
- Give it some good drying time!
- remove the liquid mask, add some rust streaks

Ultramarines Legion:

- Vallejo Air 71.004 Blue
- Vallejo Air 70.841 Andrea Blue
- GW Drakenhof Nightshade
- a glaze of Guilliman Blue
- edge Highlights of Andrea Blue

House Devine:

Devine Crimson:
- Vallejo 72.712 Scarlett Red
- Vallejo 72.714 Warlord Purple
- glaze of GW Carroburg Crimson (2 times)
- glaze of FW Angron Red (I just hope they finally re-release it via GW propper ....)
- shade with Druchi Violett
Still need to do some highlites where edges are

Molechian Purple:
- Naggaroth Night
- Genestealer Purple
- glaze of FW Eidolon Purple

Cyprian Gold:
- Formula P3 Rhulic Gold
- Wash of GW Nuln Oil
- Edges with GW Auric Armour Gold
- Edges with GW Stormhost Silver

Lots of Munitorum Varnish on top to seal the whole thing ^.^

Here are the first two tiles next to each other, one finished, the other before the wash/pigment stage:

Lady Atia