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Forbidden Power : Endless Spells Warscrolls

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Hello there !!

Forbidden Power for age of sigmar is nearly on pre order and games workshop already released their Warscrolls !!

Lauchon the Soulseeker

Soulscream Bridge


Shards of Valagharr

Hot Takes

These Endless Spells being available to every Grand Alliance are going to be huge. Specialy Lauchon the SoulSeeker and the Soulscream Bridge. Who want to fight a Daugthers of Khaine list with teleport. But at the same time maybe theses Endless SPells are going to open some counter play against some boogeyman meta list.

Soulscream Bridge is super interesting because Only friendly unit can travel through it and in both side. The tricks you can do with this one are hugeeeee. Nothing prevent you to cast it near a friendly engaged unit and teleport it away and replace it by another unit with extended charge range !!! Super Fan of this endless spell. !! Yea warhammer age of sigmar is going to change again for sure !!

Horrorghast is a Bravery debuff the -2 maus against unit within 6 so it's potent in a bravery plan.

Shards of Valagharr : is maybe the most powerfull Endless spells in the game. but the roll off at the start of a battle turn make it super risky to use. But halving movement and -1 to hit to everyone on the line is scary !!!

Note that all these Spell have extended effect in the realm of Death that project them in the OP category ^^ Imagine a shard that could place 12" from the caster and then place the second 12" !!!

I really like these spells and want to try them in my Beast of Chaos army or The Nurgle force that i am setting up ! These movements tricks are desirable when you are slow as a Blight King !

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