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Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power rules: The Artefacts

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Hello everyone !!!

Games Workshop just revealed more infos on the Stormvault Campaign.

Awakened Artefacts !

In the Stormvault Campaign, you and your opponents each race to unlock the Stormvaults, duking it out through a series of bespoke battleplans in search of treasure and glory. There’s a twist, however – in this campaign, you’ll have access to mysterious artefacts that increase in power over the course of your games.

Nice ! Forbidden Power rules integrating RPG elements is interesting and who doesn't like to lvl up ^^

How does it works ?

At the start of your second Stormvault Campaign games you'll be able to pic an awakened artefacts to represent the immense treasures contained in them. They works like any artefact of power you could find in the seraphon battletome but with a twist !
After each game the awakened artefact get a new power !!

Check this one :

warhammer age of sigmar awakened artefact gheistbane

My Minotaur lord like this awakened artefact !!! So in this exemple to lvl up you need to slay foes during an Age of Sigmar battle. Also Forbidden Power rules on artifacts create a new interesting dynamic :

This adds a new dynamic to your games for you and enemies. Do they try and slay the wielder of Gheistbane early in the battle, or do they risk you gaining a level and becoming stronger in the campaign overall? Do you hold back with your hero, or do you get stuck in early on to make the maximum impact?

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