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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power: The Scenery

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer tv team just revealed more info about the Penumbral engines and the Enduring Stormvault .

Following Forbidden Power rules,
-All Age of Sigmar armies get to add a Penumbral Engine.
-At the star of the game you roll one dice for all Penumbral Engines on the battlefield to select the power they have. The Corrupted by Sigmar version or The Original Teclis intent ^^

warhammer age of sigmar penunbral engines rules

Dominion of Sigmar Scenery
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The Dominion of Sigmar scenery is available in a number of kits with suggested builds. Each also has its own warscroll, allowing you to properly reflect the unpredictable power of the Stormvaults with bespoke rules. The Enduring Stormvault, for instance, can be unlocked by nearby heroes in search of treasure.

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