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Forge World Previews: Blood bowl Halflings and Necromunda heroes

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Hello again everyone !!

Next week on Pre orders

Halflings Blood Bowl Team

At last Halflings are getting new models and new positionnal !!!! this is such a good news.

Models are awesome !! Tokens are even better, maybe i get the team just to use the tokens :D


Made to Order
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Also next week

Halfling Hot pot and Blood Bowl Tree Man are on Made to Order. It will be only a one week window so don't miss out.

Necromunda Kal Jericho and Scabs
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Big fan of the Jericho model and Hired guns are super handy in this edition so it's an autobuy for me :D

ps : All these items will be on pre-orders on next saturday (28/05) on the Games Workshop website (even if its FW)