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Army building tools for age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40000 (warscroll builder)

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Hello everyone !!

For a Long time, I wanted to make a post about the different Army builder for Warhammer 40000 and Age of Sigmar that I like ( and recommend to use. )

Without much more introduction let's take a look at our different options for AOS and then Warhammer 40000.

army builder aos

List building in the Age of Sigmar is fast and easy so the Warscroll builder needed is relatively simple.
Still, list building got heavier with all the new options from the V2 like Realms, Endless Spells and relics.

My 2 favourites army builder aos : Warscroll Builder and Battlescribe

Warcroll Builder

Let's start with the official tool : Hosted on Warhammer community : Warscroll Builder . This is one of the First Army builders for AOS. At first, it was independent but Games Workshop made a deal with Tony.p and included the Warscroll Builder in the Community website.

army builder aos

Warscroll Builder is a very nice tool: Handle all 4 grand alliances, all the Keywords (Allegiance), Mortal realm of origin, All factions and Legacy one.
Include endless spells, Battalions, count of the Commands Points available, full list of trait & relics, Toggle automatically units to Battleline when allowed, allied and up to 3000 points.
Also, the App allows to save, load, Save to PDF with units stats printed and you can even add notes before saving! And all this Without even creating an account or registering something.

The only thing missing is a Social Media / Forum share or at least a linking list feature.


warscroll builder

Battlescribe is not an online web App it's a good old program that you can install. once installed you have to Download the differents Gamefile you need. Now it's also available on IOS and ANDROID (but I never tested it yet).

To add data :

To get started you have to add games system to the program (like the old Army Builder if you remember).
warscroll builder

File > Data repositories > add data > and choose the data you need

army builder 40k

Then Click yes and it will load all the file and you can then start list building.

New Roster > + Add > then choose all the thing you want to start a new army. if need help!

Pros ans Cons

Battlescribe is harder to use than Warscroll builder but the learning curve is fast and you can use it on many sorts of game systems, not only Games Workshop. Pro version sync with your google account and cost 3€ a year.

You get all the building options Warscroll builder have +: Most of the stats, Command Abilities and other rules integrated inside. Prints and exports options are super good too as you can print your army with all the relevant rules added.

In a nutshell, Battlescribe is a more complete tool but maybe you don't always need it for AOS and can use Warscroll Builder.

Warhammer 40000 & Kill Team

Warhammer 40000 v8 started easy and light...This is the past !!! Right now there are 2 good tools that I like to build list: HQ-builder and Battlescribe!


army builder 40k

Is an online army builder for Warhammer 40 000 and Kill-team you can access it at
You need to Create an account to use it but once you have it's really intuitive and Fast. I started using it recently but it has a good user experience.

Works with kill team but only have a limited number of Roster available :/

Battlescribe for Warhammer 40k and Kill team

army builder 40k

Warhammer 40k

As for AOS Battlescribe works very well with Warhammer 40000. the way the army builder is organised you can add different detachments and edit/remove them at will. You have all the Rules/CP/Validation in real time

My Favorite function is still Printing a list with all the little rules that you always forget how they work ^^ I don't know how you can play 40k right now without this army builder. ^^

Kill Team with scribs

Another game that started with easy list making rules but now really needs an army builder. Scribs is perfect for KillTeam as you can add LVL to your specialist easily and it include everything (99%)

Hope that's selection help with you a little :D

If you have a suggestion on what to use to build a list, post in the comment section I'll edit the post.

Ps: I'll try to save this one so you can access it easily;

ps 2 : Don't forget that Battlescribe source are not official and can contain errors, don't forget to Bring codex and check rules when playing.