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Steamforged games : Devil May Cry™ Kickstarter

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Hello everyone !!

Finishing today on kickstarter there is the Devil May Cry board games by Steamforged Games.
It was a short 7 Days Kickstarter campaign and they Reached the goal already (170,897 € & 2386 backers)

Devil May Cry Bloody Palace

DMC is a mix of Deck building, Competitive, Coop games. Each participant play one of the Heroes and Clear Wave of Monster all while gaining Style Points (victory) by using the longest chain of cards (Combo !).

Components & Price

It's odd but this campaign only have one level of pledge (2 if you count the Early Bird but that was for the same stuff).
The So called "Sparda Pledge" Is core game + 3 expansions.

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

As you can see the KS price is 77£ instead of 180£ retail so it's an ok deal (keep in mind they always exaggerate the retail price ^^)

The mini starts at 40mm and up to 110 mm

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

Honestly the mini look super cool if you are a fan of the DMC franchise, personally if have very fond memories of DMC 1 on PS2 (holy shit just checked and that was 18 years ago !!!).

Game play

I am an big fan of Deck Building games these days and this one look super interesting.

Each Hero have his own base deck and can upgrade it by killing monsters to earn Blood. During your turn you try to play Cards to form a combo chain that to kill Monsters and Rack Style Points (victory points).

You have the option to continue the combo or stop it to earn points. Off course if you maintain your combo and take damage it's over you loose it have to start over.

DMC is cooperative, don't need Gm and look easy on the rules. Only green light if you want to play with Casual friends. Also it seem to offer enough depth for playing with more gamer friends. Sound like a win win and big models to paint with my Airbrush is a big +

Video and Rules pdf

Steamforged games made a series of video about the game and offer to DL the rules now

Watch the game overview here

Watch the players phase

Watch the enemy phase

Watch the full playthrough here by steamforged games team

Devil may cry rules pdf


Campaign end today, then it's late pledge on the steamforged games website for 4-6 weeks and then pledge Manager. Count 24-34 week to receive you game if nothing goes wrong. ps : Steamforged games while being a "big" company now is known for they delays ^^

If you are interested but are not sure you can always pledge 1$ to access the pledge Manager in 6 week and decide at this moment.

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