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Games Workshop Contrast Paint range presentation

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Hello everyone !!

At last we have some new informations on the new contrast line :

Contrast paint primer

To use contrast paint, Priming must be made with the one of the two color : Grey seer and Wraith bone. Grey Seer gives colder, darker tones while Wraithbone provides a warmer, more organic feel. From what i heard these new spray are of incredible quality and should become the new light prime color

contrast paint primer

The 2 contrast paint primer also come in base color, but i am not sure the can be used to prime and or use contrast on it. Because from what i understand to use contrast paint you need to use a contrast paint primer in can to get a super smooth finish for flowing purpose.

contrast paint primer

Can i mix both of them ? can i spray them ? can i zenithal with the Wraithbone over the Grey seer ? So many questions

Contrast paint Colors

At launch there will be 34 colors with a large variation of color available from the start.

Contrast red and yellow

contrast paint primer

contrast paint Skin Tones

At least : Fyreslayer Flesh, Guilliman Flesh and Darkoath Flesh,Plaguebearer Flesh, Ork Flesh

contrast paint primer

Of course that Orc flesh is going to be super useful !!!

Bone, Metal and More!

NMM copper and steel !!! Wow that copper is super interesting is it 2 colors ? or one ? The bones color look cool too.

contrast paint copper

The Steel nmm is a bit bland but with some white lining that should do the tricks. It's hard to judge because on the necron image i don't know what they did, is it one thicc coat of the Basilicanum Grey ? or multiple light pass ? is the gun and the body the same gray but onto different primer ?

contrast paint nmm

To be honest a magic recipe for painting NMM make me a bit jealous. But i am sure that i can use contrast pain to increase my painting speed while maintaining good* quality.

*good = good enough for me ^^

The white

I love to shade white with blue so i am all in on this one !! The effect is interesting on the Tau Firewarrior but i am impressed by the cleanness of the dark lining on the legs. If you can get this result with one coat without much cleaning it's damn good.

White contrast paint

The Medium

 contrast paint medium

Specific medium for Contrast paints. I really hope that reducing the number of pigments by mixing medium keep the Contrast paint magic touch. Because if you can dose the color intensity while keeping the magic touch (i have no better word) it's complete sorcery.

Contrast paint over metal

 contrast paint medium

I am not a big fan of this effect but it's neat idea if you want do shinny armor !


Is contrast paint good ? i don't know yet, the effect are cool for a supposedly once thicc coat. But it's hard to judge on these pics because we don't know the amount of time or paint coats they used.

Anyway i am super hyped but the idea and can't wait to try them !!

Check what pro think of the Contrast Paints :


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