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Blackstone Fortress Escalation

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Hello again !

Next chapter of the Blackstone Fortress : Escalation !

Escalation is the thrilling next chapter in the story of Blackstone Fortress, pitting you against a threat not just to Precipice, but to the Imperium itself. In this latest expansion, Obsidius Mallex has gained control of a portion of the alien space station’s apocalyptic power, and now threatens to bring it to bear against his foes. Before, you were battling for treasure – now, you’re fighting for survival.

4 new heroes + 1 servitors

necromunda palanite enforcers

New set of Cultist

necromunda palanite enforcers
necromunda palanite enforcers
necromunda palanite enforcers

Wow the design of these cultist is very Conan like but with a Chaos twist ^^