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The General’s Handbook 2019

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Hello everyone !!

I hope you had a good gaming week end :) (i had !)

Next Week End will see the Pre Order for General Handbook 2019. This time the book will be split in 2 with one for all the rules/gamemode and a smaller one with only battle profiles and points updated.

General Handbook
Will host expanded rules for : Ironjawz, Seraphon, Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Free Peoples, Slaves to Darkness and Dispossessed

Pitched Battle Profile booklet
Pitched Battle profiles will be printed separately in a booklet of their own, including the latest points adjustments plus profiles for a number of Compendium units, endless spells and terrain.

The Warlord Edition
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This version of the General’s Handbook is packed with a ton of goodies
A double-sided card token sheet gives you objective markers, starstrike markers, 9” rulers for (reserve and summoning), battleshock markers, a mystic shield marker and 24 terrain markers

general handbook age of sigmar

Also :

30 Battleplan Cards

135 rule ref cards in small formats (no final list yet) but it's a good idea.

general handbook age of sigmar