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Citadel Colour: The App

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Hello everyone !!!

Preceding the official release of the Contrast Paints, games workshop did a major update on the Citadel Colour Application.

Available on IOS and Android, this app has been designed to help painters with every aspect of the painting process. Users are able to paint by colour or by miniature, with detailed recipes that are easy to follow. There’s a feature to help users manage your projects and record the paints that they have used (a valuable tool for any army painter), and an introduction to the Citadel Colour System that will help new painters understand how to bring their armies to life.

Alongside this, there are basing guides, advanced guides, and a healthy dose of Duncan too - there are plenty of informative videos to enjoy and learn from. You can find out even more about it right here.

Citadel Colour is really a new naming that Games Workshop is pushing. I checked the New App on my phone and i have to admit that the content is rich, with lot of info on the Citadel Colour method, Battle & Parade ready concept, Contrast Paints and so. And it's 100% Free (for once ^^)


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