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Warhammer Underworlds: Banned and Restricted Lists Updated

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Hello everyone !!!

With the Season 3 coming Underworlds dev team wanted to update the restricted list.
Note : Nothing has been added to the Banned list of cards.

Universal – Objectives

Burst of Speed (Power Unbound #25)
Warning Shot (Power Unbound #36)
Acolyte of the Katophranes (Nightvault #291)
Calculated Risk (Nightvault #302)
Sorcerous Scouring (Nightvault #371)

Universal – Gambits

Sorcerous Flourish (Power Unbound #46)
Upper Hand (Power Unbound #48)
Sphere of Aqshy (Nightvault #451)

Universal – Upgrades

Spiritbond (Power Unbound #57)
Archer’s Focus (Nightvault #476)
Well of Power (Nightvault #557)

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