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Gen Con : Marvel Crisis first look

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Hello everyone !!

As you maybe know, this is gen con right now. The FFG panel revealed a new Marvel Game : Infinity Crisis
The game is made by a new Studio (Atomic Mass Games) composed a least by Will Schick and Dallas Kemp (two famous person from PP that left last year)

What we know on the game

Create a roster of ten characters. Each hero have Threat Values (points values) for playing them into a scenario.

Each player draws a Crisis card and simultaneously reveal theirs. The mix creates the mission.

Each of those two Crisis cards has a Threat Value. The player with the priority choose one and each player can assemble a team for that Mission up to that Threat Value.

Suggested Threat Value to play out of Core Box is 17. Black Widow is 2. Hulk is 6.

The terrain should be super important and will have interactives options (destroy and throw terrain), the game is played on a 3x3 play area.

The game will also see terrain packs with famous locations from the Marvel Universe and will also include multiple modes of play. The first up is Raids where two individuals team up to take on a “boss” controlled by a third player. Narrative campaign sets will also be released down the road.

Super Hyped by this game and not only because of Dallas Kemp (very nice painter).

What do you think ?


ps : The video have lot of background noise and i didn't found a website for this game yet.

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