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Warhammer 40000 : Codex Space Marines & New models revealed.

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Hello everyone !!!

After the mega Apocalypse battle of today, gw revealed the new Space Marines codex/supp/models line up.

So :
-New codex working for all First Founding and successor
-Supplements for specific chapter (Ultramarines and White scar for now)
-Tigurius is now a Primaris
-Kor’sarro Khan is now a Primaris

new space marines codex
new space marines codex

Sarro is looking super cool with his giant eagle ^^, On the other hand, i am not a big fan of Tiggy :/

Invictor Tactical suit

sound-dampening materials? yes sure why not. Honestly, the design makes no sense to me but if I turn off my brain it looks very cool with his Heavy Bolter Pistol.

new space marines codex

Primaris Rhino

new space marines codex

Primaris Eliminators

new space marines codex

Primaris Infiltrators

new space marines codex

New Spaces Marines Codex

new space marines codex

First of all, the datasheets included in the book will be available to all the First Founding Chapters and their successors, so whichever Space Marine Chapter(s) hold your allegiance, you’ll be able to use the full spectrum of units available to the Adeptus Astartes – even if you’re a Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Dark Angels player!

Codex Supplement

new space marines codex
Shock Assault
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One iconic feature of all Space Marines is the sheer physical brutality with which they tear into the Emperor’s foes once combat is joined. To help facilitate this on the tabletop, the universal traits of the Space Marines have been combined into a new catch-all ability called Angels of Death, which incorporates the usual suspects – And They Shall Know No Fear and Bolter Discipline – as well as this cheeky little number…

Also apply to : DW, GK , CHAOS marines.

plus you can now create your own chapter

That’s not even all – Codex: Space Marines also has extensive rules for Successor Chapter Tactics to support the creation of your own Chapter of Space Marines. Whether you’ve always had a particular theme in mind for your Chapter that you’d like to represent on the battlefield, or simply wish to enhance your favoured play style, you can be your own Chapter Master. Simply pick two Successor Tactics from the long list of awesome choices included in the codex and you’re good to go!

Hype ?