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Warhammer TV : Grand Tournament Heat 2 report !

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Hello everyone !!!

Warhammer TV made a nice report of grand tournament Heat 2. If you want to watch the integral report go there: (you need a subscription to the Warhammer Channel). If you are happy with the ranking and the top five lists stay here :D

General Ranking

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Maybe you know but: Top 35 qualify now as they are 3 Heat.
Top 3 are all on 5wins (50pts) + favourite game/army vote.

Note that the new Space Marines Codex was not used.

Top 5 list

Let check the warhammer 40000 top 5 army list :

Dave Pearson Drukhari

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Standard Drukhari top list. Venom spam with 3 Ravagers Sniping from afar ^^. Very strong list as usual.

Olly Ford Mixed Imperium

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Imperial soup list : 1 Castellan, 3 Tank Commander, 9 Mortars and 45 bodies. AkA "kill the big robot game" bit weird it placed so well considering that most list can handle one knight ?

James Masckenzie Genestealer Cult

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Scary list, won Heat 1, promised to do as well with a more shooty list. Got a perfect score on objective, most unit killed, in fact, he tabled all his opponent by turn 3 for five-round ^^ (8750 ^^)

Adam Sheperd Mixed Imperium

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Imperial soup list 3 Knights, 2 Disintegrators, 17 bodies. Interesting to see the new Disintegrators.

Simon Priddis T'au Empire

Warhammer 40000 top list meta

Was placed third during Heat 1 if I heard right on the stream. Cute Marksman spam to fill the Vanguard and a lot of High Yield Missile Pods ^^


Same People / List at the top, Only 1 castellan in the tournament, still a lot of Imp Soup. But anyway everything is going to change as the new Marines Codex is going ask new questions :
-Can you kill Primaris efficiently?
-Can you still kill old Bogeyman?
-Can you tank Primaris Bolters (any version) with -1 AP ? wounding on 3+ with the Chappy