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Warhammer Nova Open reveal schedule and Age of Sigmar Wish listing.

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Hello everyone !!!

First Salvo of games workshop reveals are at nova open this Wednesday 8 pm EST or Thursday 2 AM Paris time or 1 AM UK time. New Age of Sigmar Death army is expected, but maybe we will see some Warhammer 40000 reveal as well.

Edit: I looked at all the page of the Nova SChedule and couldn't find another GW preview spot, so everything is getting spoiled in one session (1h30)

nova open games workshop reveal

Age of Sigmar reveal at nova open 2019
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So if everything pans out as it supposed to, I am saying supposed because the ravens were silent or conflicting this time, and I am afraid of disappointment with the scale of the release.

Let's do a quick summary of what is reasonable to expect : A new death army for Age of Sigmar centred around Skeletons and a new Mortarch. It leads an army collecting Tithe of bones
from cities. If they don't pay they get harvested anyway.


Story so far : One new Mortarch from Forbidden power, liberated after Lake Lethis Battle it's the bare minimum. We were already talking about this during the forbidden power lore review .

But what does the Mortarch look like ? the coffin guy from The Tithe preview video ?.

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal

I don't know if you remember the first image we got from forbidden power but it felt more Egyptian then than now.

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal

The last video revealed more illustration and give us more details about this new Age Of Sigmar Death faction but it looks more like heroes or Champion than the big boss. Even if the video is named Mortarch ^^

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal

Skeletons Beast Cavalry

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal

This image is awesome, first, the soldier is Riding a Skeletal Rhino and wield a lance but on the background, there is a bird-shaped beast that could be a Gryph charger or hound. From recent illustrations trend if there is a drawing there is a unit. That would mean a skeletal cavalry composed of different mount !!! such great idea, and fit with the Copyright Crusade. So undead mount based on other monsters present in the lore?

Skeleton Trooper

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal.
age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal.

Yea skeletons went through a Spartiate Training to look cool and Distinctive ^^ Curved blade tips, Back ornement, Heavy armor with a samurai feeling. Honestly, they look a bit like SKorne troopers from Warmachine.

age of sigmar nova open games workshop reveal.

Screaming Skull Catapult ?

age of Sigmar nova open games workshop reveal.

Hard to see from this distance but at the very least they have flames on their projectiles. I hope it's a good sign.

Hyped for nova yet ? Hell yea !!