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Warhammer Champion Unleashed !

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Hello everyone !!!

New Warhammer Champion extension has been released the 28 August digitally: Warhammer Champion Unleashed

Warhammer Champion Unleashed

The latest set Unleashed brings unrelenting new power to Warhammer Champions. With a whole host of new features, races and realms added; there will be untold new changes to tactics when Unleashed explodes digitally on 27th August, bringing 188 new cards!

Unleash 4 new Champions to bring devastating versions of Champions from the Mortal Realms. Seeking the greater power are the vengeful Daughters of Khaine, the hedonistic followers of Slaneesh, new Troggoth units and the Flesheater Court of Mannfred, the Mortarch of Night.

And with them, bringing a full arsenal available of new mechanics to Warhammer Champions, as well as two new realms in Ulgu and Hysh! Use Death Acts to use effects of certain cards from the discard pile, and then Purge your enemies to remove them from play completely!

Note that the digital release was the 28th but the Physical will be announced at a latter date. The explanation is quite simple, they want to keep the digital game a few months ahead to errata cards digitally before releasing them.

Warhammer Champion Set details

Unleashed contains 188 new cards for all four Grand Alliances, with huge new mechanics and tactics!

Unleashed Cards are broken up into the following rarities:

84 Common Cards
56 Uncommon Cards
48 Rare Cards
Unleashed Cards are broken up into the following card types:

40 Champion Cards
44 Unit Cards
48 Spell Cards
22 Ability Cards
34 Blessing Cards

Website :

Check all the new cards:

The digital game is available on steam, switch, google play, app store.





Age of sigmar rumour : Fluff
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War of the Twinned Realmspheres

Whilst blood and fire are commonplace in many corners of the Mortal Realms, there is one place that plays host to a menace much more insidious and deadly than simple blade and bow. A menace that is oft unseen and unknown.

And that is the true nature of the Grey Realm, a living haze that obfuscates truth and clouds clarity. Residents that once enjoyed meditative dreaming now find only obfuscating nightmares in the living shroud, and now dare not speak its true name, Ulgu, Realm of Shadows.

Twinned in orbit with Ulgu is the Realmsphere of Hysh, a place of endless intellect and insight. These luminescent visions both blind and enlighten, once giving way to many new cultures of Aelves and culminating as what was known as the Ten Paradises.

But those days are dust…

Now the fog of war has seeped into even the brightest corners of the Realm of Light. Now the light that cast comprehension now casts obsession, with credit owed to the gaze of Slaneesh, who sent his enraptured followers onward to corrupt the pure light of Hysh.

I had already heard this age of Sigmar rumour that Hysh would release as a linked event with Ulgu. Maybe it was only for Warhammer Champion but I doubt it.