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Aeronautica Imperialis Rumour Orcs Eavy Bommers sighted

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Hello everyone !!!

The aeronautica imperialis rumour was a kit with 2 variants is missing, i expected it was the Heavy Bommer.

Yesterday, GW showed by mistake the Heavy Bommer illustration on the Pre-orders Page, for now we just know it's a 2 planes box.

If you check the Rynn Campaign book you'll see the book have rules for : Thunderbolt Fighter, Thunderbolt Fury Fighter, Marauder Bomber, Marauder Destroyer, Dakkajet, Fighta Bommer, Eavy Bommer, and Grot Bommer. So i guess we are still missing the Grot Bommer ! (hype !)

The rumour was a dual kit for both of them but it's off the table now ^^unless it's a variant of a Fighta Bommer or Eavy Bommer

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