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On pre orders next week : Warcry and Gotrek !!

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Hello everyone !!!

This week on pre-orders :

Gotrek’s alive! His living status has been a rumour in Age of Sigmar for a long time and at last we can pre order him next week. (The model was already revealed a few weeks back.)

gotrek rules aos

gotrek rules aos

Very nice model, also Rules for playing Gotrek in AOS will be included

Accompanying Gotrek model Black Library is releasing a new novel: Ghoulslayer !!

gotrek rules aos

Gotrek looking for Nagash the wannabe god? hell yea ^^

You’ll also be able to get the complete script for David Guymer’s Realmslayer and a new audio drama Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World. And yes, Brian Blessed is back as Gotrek!

Warcry Monsters & Mercenaries !
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Monsters & Mercenaries is the first expansion for Warcry and it brings a whole host of new rules to the skirmish game.
Add extra quest chain to recruit Monsters or Heroes, lot of extra options for the campaign mode.

Scenery Defiled Ruins

gotrek rules aos

Iron Golem and Untamed Beasts

gotrek rules aos

Furies and Raptoryx Box

gotrek rules aos

That's it for the Pre orders next week.

Now let's be honest, everything is ready for a Darkoath Battletome !! And it would fit some Warhammer Rumour ;)
Can we get to it plz !!!

Pre order on Goblin Gaming if you wish

gotrek rules aos

Ps: Review of Aeronautica Imperialis tonight!