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Warhammer 40000 Dark Angels in White Dwarf. (Edited)

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Hello everyone !!

Look like the Dark Angels rumour was for nothing. CM Valrak made a video showing what's inside (he got the image from his discord !). In the end, it's disappointing there is nearly nothing. Content is, Stratagem, Mission, Showcase.

I guess it was expected, White Dwarf doesn't reveal anything anymore because of leaks :(

-You have one page of Stratagems but they are reserved to the mission in the WD.
-Mission is a classic Hunt the Fallen
-Hobby section is nice and The Deathwing Primaris Dread is looking super nice.

Check valrak video for more details:

Primaris Integration Fluff

-Captain of the 5comp died and was replaced by Primaris Lazarius.
-Lazarius a Space Marines on the edge of death, but too wounded for Dreadnought life support went through Rubicon and was resurrected as a Primaris Captain in INNER CIRCLE.
-Primaris are also inducted in the Ravenwing. (Hover Bike ?)


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