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Aeronautica Imperialis Twitch Report & Rumour, Andy Hoare revealing 5 factions.

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Hello everyone !!

Just watched the Twitch Stream about Aeronautica Imperialis. It was really interesting as Andy Hoare presented the Core Set, hinted at the future, revealed that

  • Aeronautica Imperialis is a new full line, supported with models and lot of extra elements. It was never designed as a boxed game. It’s a full game like Titanicus or Bloodbowl and unless no interest is shown there will be a full game with at least 5 factions
  • Wings of vengeance: Supposed to be the Intro Game with a dog fight, nothing more. So I regret giving a bad review on the box because of the accessories quality. You get the ship as a discount and the stuff to play the intro game as a bonus. Rest is on you, like when you buy a Warhammer 40000 starter
  • Aeronautica Imperialis bases were designed for HeroClix LOTR
  • Rynn Book: You don’t need the core box if you get the book, it’s another way into the game.
  • 5 Factions already designed (navy, orcs + 3, Tau?, Eldar? Necron? Chaos? Eldar was nearly spoiled by mistake. I am not sure if Space Marines are already planned or next in line if the numbers are good
  • Area of engagement: More are on the way and they are linked to a book each. They are HUGE
  • Mouse mat: need to find a good producer but it’s possible
  • Plastic and Resin planes and Upgrade already in production / design
  • Cards are very luxurious (Andy H own words) and are very cool too, help immensely during the game. I included a screenshot of the full game on Twitch to give you an example of how the cards are used
  • Added to the Seminar roster
  • The game is designed for tournament and they are going to make a Tournament Document with matched play rules. Very elegant game is the point.
  • Cool info: It takes 1year for producing a core set for release. And that is from the moment it leaves the studio in his final version! (wow that a damn long production process)
  • Hex grid was chosen because more precise for Matched play
  • Each Faction will have his own Ground asset
  • Scout Class should be populated soon (The 3 group are fighter , bomber , scout)
  • Mission will include: Bombing, Landing troop, Breaking run ...Sky the limit.
  • Campaign mode included in Rynn has Pilot progression if it survives the mission ^^
  • Campaign mode introducing assets management is a strong possibility in the future

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