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Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening: The First Prophecy… And an Exarch!

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Hello everyone !!!

Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening is starting to unravel. Games Workshop is promosing lots of new miniatures. today we are shown the new Banshee Exarch for the Eldar Army.

This Exarch have two versions with or without the helmet. The non-masked is supposed to be for the Ynnari faction. But to be honest the one without helmet look 100 times better !!!

psychic awekening eldar exarch

Don't forget that at nova a Plastic Eldar Banshee was teased


Psychic Awakening will include new rules as :

you can swap out your Exarch’s War Shout ability with one of six different Exarch Powers that are exclusive to the Howling Banshee shrine. For example, if you’re expecting to face some elite infantry such Terminators or Custodian Guards, try taking Piercing Strike, which will enable you to forsake one of your 3 Attacks for hugely empowered killing blows.

psychic awekening eldar exarch

But why swap when you can have both?

psychic awekening eldar exarch

The Prophecy !!!
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