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Warhammer 40000 Preview: Iron Hands codex supplement , Sons of Ferrus Manus

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Hello everyone !!

Next week end will see the Iron Hands getting their Codex Supplement. Today Games Workshop revealed what is their extra Chapter Tactics

Iron Hand Chapter Tactics

From the Space marines codex, Iron Hands have a chapter tactics already granting :

  • Feel no pain on 6

  • Overwatch on 5 & 6

  • Double current wound level on Vehicle chart

But now they are getting a little extra (Little ?)

iron hands codex rules

So while the Devastator Doctrine is active, you ignore Heavy Weapon malus for moving and also reroll one. Why the fuck would you ever leave this doctrine then ^^ Hellblaster with Heavy Plasma Destroyer, Devastator Marines, Tanks, dread.

Note: Iron Hands are now the best at using Speeder ^^, move 20" shoot without malus with rerolling one and extra ap and dmg for melta at half range.

Psychic Power

iron hands codex rules

I am sure the repulsor executioner shooting twice with +1 to shoot is perfectly fair. (and FNP 6+, and double life for BS)


iron hands codex rules

Even better Pair of Repulsor with FNP, and reduce Damage by one ^^

Content of the book

iron hands codex rules

yea Fluff, stratagem and relics, ONE UNIT, the Iron Father


Only one unit, some fluff and a bunch of combo for making a Heavy Weapon Gun line ! Honestly it's not that great :/

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