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Warhammer 40000 : Raven Guard Codex preview !

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Hello everyone !!!

Following the preview from yesterday about the Iron Hands Codex. Today is the Raven guard ! To be Honest the Iron hands mini codex feel super strong, and i wonder if the Ninja Space Marines are getting the same power level.

Raven Guard Chapter Tactics

From the Space marines codex, Raven Guard have a chapter tactics already granting :

  • While more than 12" from the shooter you gain cover

  • If already in cover and not a vehicule -1 to hit for the shooter

Raven Guard Chapter Tactic is fluffy and strong already i am not sure what to think of Surgical Strikes :

Raven Guard codex rules

Being limited to Tactical Doctrine mean it doesn't work during the first turn. It affect with shooting and melee attacks. It's actually very strong against some list that uses very big Characters! or with Eliminator

Warlord Trait

Raven Guard codex rules

Very cool for a Smash Captain


Raven Guard codex rules

Ok i get the message, i'll make a Smash Captain !

Psychic Power

Raven Guard codex rules

One Raven Guard Character, so it's interesting to TP the RR bubble or Launching the Smash Captain ^^


Raven Guard codex rules

Expensive but it's super strong with Vanguard Jump Pack unit or Maybe a Primaris one ?


Raven Guard codex rules

Actually The Raven Guard fluff interest me so into the book, but heh the content is light ^^

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