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Age of Sigmar Warcry FAQ / ERRATA

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Hello everyone !!!

Age of Sigmar Warcry First Errata/FAQ have been released !

What are the big change you ask ? :

  • Vertical Distance are now rounded UP, so you take damage when falling from first level
  • Cover change: If you are more than 1" away when attacking you ignore the cover within 1/2 of you. yea the precedent wording was weird but i am sure now some others situations are getting weird. ie : I attack someone in cover from 1.1" distance and I am 0.5" of the cover, I effectively ignore the obstacle
  • Onslaught NERF : Limited to attack with range 3 or less ^^
  • amended four of the victory cards to make them more enjoyable to play

Apart from the cover change, it's a good errata!

Age of Sigmar Warcry errata

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