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Warhammer 40000 Combat Cards video games (Edited with playtest)

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Hello everyone !!!

Warhammer Combat Cards is a digital card game made by Well Played Games in conjunction with Games Workshop.

  • The game is on IOS / Android.

  • Free + Optionnal buy

  • Official site :

  • There is some depth into the game with multiple stats, races, factions, upgrades, ranks

To me the main problem is the way the game is played. I am not sure I understand the point, because it's PVP but not really ^^ (WTF)

Game mode :

Each battle is against a deck created either by:

Another player who’s not online right now (meaning your deck is battling opponents while you’re offline). This player’s deck will be controlled by the AI.

The AI (usually in Campaigns).

Each player has a Match Making Ranking which is used to calculate who you are matched against. Your score goes up as you win battles.

Testing the game right now

Game review after playing the game
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Play experience Review

After playing 7 or 8 games my feeling are kind of mixed. There is a bit of good, bad and boring ...

  • There is a bit strategy with your line up and attack choice

  • Not playing against actual human is bad but i guess it would make games too long ?

  • Combat are long and boring against Necro (Regen each turn)

  • Cards are good looking