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Age of Sigmar : Beastgrave warbands rules preview

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Hello everyone !!

Age of sigmar warscrolls for Beastgrave warbands were teased at GW community.
Wow they are both super duper good !

Grashrak’s Despoilers

Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

  • 140 pt for the Shaman and the unit

  • Savage bolt make Grashrak's AUTO INCLUDE

  • Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

    Not limited to brayherd so it works on anything targeted by the spell. It's amazing getting +1 to hit is so vital with the Beast of Chaos (or anything Chaos anyway). To bad it's only melee !

  • Still have Bestial Vigor

  • Age of Sigmar rules Beastgrave

  • Ablative wounds

  • Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

Skaeth’s Wild Hunt

Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

Age of sigmar rules beastgrave

Safer than savage bolt with +1 to wounds on melee attacks, very good buff and the Warband can run and shoot for extra threat range.
For 120 points they are a must-have i think ^^

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