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Age of Sigmar Faction Focus: Cities of Sigmar

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Hello everyone !!

First faction focus on the Cities of Sigmar !

Bunch of Battleline

All these are Battleline (if you have the right leader.)

cities of sigmar

Stormcasts Included !

Stormcast in the army gain the city Keyword for full benefit!

One city can take Kharadron Overlords ! and one other Sylvaneth !!

The...Order soup has arrived!

Old units made new !

Warscrolls Updated for certains units.

cities of sigmar
cities of sigmar

The Universal Allegiance Abilities

If you choose a unit with a Wounds characteristic of 6 or less, you can choose another unit in your army to be their retinue. These elite bodyguards can intercept wounds and mortal wounds for their liege, meaning your Freeguild Generals, Nomad Princes, Warden Kings and other unmounted champions are actually pretty durable!


All endless spells cast count as being from the right Realm !

Cities of Bonus

Each city get a command ability and a allegiance power.


cities of sigmar

cities of sigmar


cities of sigmar
cities of sigmar

Moar Canons !!!

Warscroll Battalions

I hope it's the final new presentation of Warscroll Battalions !

cities of sigmar

cities of sigmar

Loads of cool stuff coming this week !


Cities of Sigmar Navigation :

Age of Sigmar cities of Sigmar : Anvilgard !
Faction Focus : Cities of Sigmar
Announcing Cities of Sigmar