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Age of Sigmar Warcry, New warbands, Core set getting discontinued !

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Hello everyone !!!

Lots of new info on Age of Sigmar Warcry :

  • Spire Tyrants

  • battle-hardened gladiator tribes from the Varanspire itself. They are the next Warband added to the game.
    This is the first official teaser of them.

    warcry new warband

  • Fomoroid Crusher
  • beasts from the fighting pits of the Varanspire, usable with Monster and Mercs Book.

    warcry new warband

  • Tome Of Champions 2019
  • General Handbook for Warcry, start with 2019 editions.
    warcry new warband

  • Azyrite Ruined Chapel
  • Terrain from the core set (i guess ?)

    warcry new warband

  • Core Set OUT !
  • Core set is not staying grab one ASAP if you want one.

    warcry new warband

  • New Starting Lineup
  • warcry new warband

      Lots of cool stuff coming for Warcry. The crusher looks awesome and the Tyrants is maybe the future of Slave to Darkness ;)