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Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening : Phoenix Rising review (Spoilers Inside)

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Hello everyone !!!

Today goes on pre-order Phoenix rising the first chapter of Psychic Awakening.
Psychic Awakening is the Warhammer 40000 campaign dealing with the aftermath of the Great Rift cutting the galaxy in two. This review will first look at the fluff and then the rules added to the differents Eldar Factions.


Phoenix rising book is 80 pages long with hardcover. The quality is normal GW so nothing bad to say. There is a lot of illustration in it (old and new) making it a very good looking object! The rule section cover both Eldars and Dark Eldars only Harlequins are left out.


To me, the fluff is the most interesting part of the book and Games Workshop hyped it quite a lot. I don't want to copy all the story in the book but here are the juicy info, skim down if you don't want to be spoiled


  • Book confirm that you need the 5 Crones sword from morai heg or kill all Eldars to revive Ynnead

  • Last (5th) Crone sword has been stolen by Slaanesh and stocked in his palace

  • Yvraine admit the mass suicide is now the only way (i am not sure yet)

  • 5 or 6 pages of details on what are doing famous Craftworlds

  • Shalaxi Helbane and Syll lead a Slaanesh Hunter party to kill Yvraine and the Avatar

  • Dark Eldar are close to civil war as a lot of them join Yvraine

  • Vect sent Drahzar to kill Yvraine and was very very close to succeeding but Jain Zar saved her

  • 1 harlequin exiled from Cegorath join the band, accompagnied by a Human Female Psyker in Black power armour (and white hairs). The human has super strong psychic power, they also warn Yvraine of a new foe

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
  • Yvraine group is now 5 Champions: Jain zar, Visarch, mysterious exiled solitaire, Lelith Hesperax

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

  • Multiple fights happen on Exodite Worlds to save them from chaos (3 Phoenix Lord fight together there)

  • Lots of Eldars are gaining more psychic power since the big rift

  • Dino riders are mentioned multiple time

  • Exodite ride to wars with the Eldars now

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
  • the Last Stand happen on Iathglas a Hexodite world with a lot of spiritual power

  • Big fight Dnd fight happen, the 5 champions vs Hellbane, while a bunch of other Eldars sacrifice themself to hold the Slaanesh horde

  • Jain Zar start using the power of the dead to buff her now

  • , In the end, Shalaxi Helbane is banished but it was only a shard of his power and he was only having fun.
    Wtf? he was super close to winning vs Jain zar, Vizarch, avatar, Lilith, solitaire (KIA) and Yvraine and it was only a "glamour of his real self". Yea sure, why not just coming for real and delete reality

  • Story close on Eldars factions blaming each other

Fluff Conclusion
The story was nice even if the ending was a bit of a letdown, still not sure about the Title "Phoenix Rising". Still It gives a good idea of what Eldars have to do now. Also, I am pretty sure that the mission "Save the last Crone Sword from the Slaanesh Palace is happening onde day"


3 parts here, Craftworlds, Dark Eldars and Ynnari

Craftworlds rules

  • Updated Datasheet for Jain zar and the Banshee

  • Banshee are 13 points , jain is 115

  • Each sort of Aspect Warrior Exarchs get to choose new powers. You can exchange the standard power against a different one from a list of 6. All temple also have stratagem to stack 2 Exarch power .
  • Rune of Power: New Psychic Discipline representing Eldars getting new minor powers that are easier to manifest
  • Create your own Craftworld with these new attributes. Choose 2 from a list of 22 and build the one you like the most

  • warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

  • Runes of Fortune

  • Instead of Smite, you can choose one from the table below :
    -Reroll one roll
    -add 2 Dmg to one psyker weapon (oO)
    - Bonus + 2 charge rolls (hello Banshee !)
    -Roll 3 dices on a 5+ deal one mortal wound (characters only)
    -Bonus 2 for unbind spell
    -Force one enemy unit to shoot at closest target unless the target is within 18" (trash^^)

Drukhari rules

Dark Eldars get updated Datasheet for Drahzar and Incubi. Like the Craftworlds cousins, they get traits to customise their: Kabals, Cults, Covens.

  • Drazhar and Incubi

  • They are now at 16pts and 120pts. Drazhar was already spoiled and he's a beast in melee if he can connect.

    The master of Blade power is super strong allowing Incubi (and Drazhar as well) to wounds more reliably

  • Obsessions

  • There are 3 lists of 8 Obsessions to choose from and you select 2. One list for Kabals, one for Covens and one for Cults.
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening
    warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

A bit of everything in these lists, still i think you'll be able to customize your force to your liking.

Ynnari rules

Children of Ynnead allow you to field a mixed force of Eldar under the banner of the God of Death! Or mix the Trio into a Craftworlds, Harlequins, Drukhari army!
The rule is so complex that I prefer to post a full image of it (have fun ^^)

warhammer 40000 phoenix rising Eldar psychic awakening

Good luck with that one ^^

Also you gain :

  • Objective Secured for troops

  • Strength from the death : +1 to hit and fight first in a turn you lost an unit.

  • 6 Ynnari Warlords traits

  • *Fnp5+ and heal 1 each turn
    *+1A & +1S while Strenght from death is active (yvraine)
    *5+ cashback on CP spent and 1 rr per turn
    *-1 or -2 to LD within 6" (Ycarne)
    *pile in 6"
    *6 to hit score 2 hits (visarch)

    Decent list, Fnp5+ is interesting or maybe warden of soul to 1 A and 1 S on your general (Solitaire ?)

  • Revenant Discipline, all psyker in this army must select from this list
  • Gaze of Ynead : 1 , 1D3 or 1D6 mortal wounds
    Storm : 3d6 per enemy psyker around on a 6+ 1mw
    Word or the Phoenix: Heal D3 or revive one model on a 4+
    Unbind Souls : Debuff one target unit, reroll wounds against it for friendly Ynnari
    Shield of Ynnead 5++ for units within 6" (ho yea!)
    Grace : Buff, target friendly unit reroll 1 to hit.

    Gaze, Shield and Unbind souls are very strong and will help a lot.

  • 2 pages of stratagems

The Ynnari army looks interesting but to be honest, my Eldar List Building is quite weak. I have no idea on how to build an Eldar army (except Flyers spam of course ^^)

That's all for the review of this small campaign book. It is a must-buy if you play Eldar and still quite a good read if you are interested in the fluff.

ps: There is very little fluff in this book about Drazhar and Jain Fight. So I don't know if she was raised from dead by Yvraine if she won or if the fight was interrupted and the fluff didn't progress (like usual ^^)

ps2 : I'll complete the review tonight with more infos, (running late right now)


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