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Warhammer 40000 Sisters of Silence rules from White Dwarf

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Hello everyone !!!

Next White Dwarf has Rules for Sisters of Silence in Warhammer 40000 !

I know the rules are in french so here a small translation :

Chasseuse de Sorciers :
When resolving a melee attack against a psyker you can reroll the wound roll.

Abomination Psychic:
This unit can't be targeted or affected by psychic power. Also Psychic Test or Deny the Witch test suffer -1 for each units from your army with this power within 18" (max -4)

Dame du NĂ©ant :
If your warlord have Imperium keywords (unless fallen) you can include this unit in a vanguard detachment with QG restriction changed to 0-2 and bonus : None.

protocoles D'accusation :
Sniper against Psyker

Rest of rules are standard stuff


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